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Thank you for visiting the online home of No Limit Automotive & Performance Inc. We specialize in the repair and maintenance for GMC Duramax & Dodge Cummins in the Grande Prairie area and specialize in Emission Deletes. We have made advancements in our tuning and offer Ez Lynk, EFI Life and HP. We welcome all of our new and returning customers to come see what's  new.



We opened our doors on Sept. 1, 2010 in the County of Grande Prairie. Today, we not only serve customers from northern Alberta, but all the way from northern BC to the Saskatchewan border including the Yukon and NWT.


Every Customer is Satisfied

Because the founder was born and raised in Grande Prairie, No Limit understands the unique road conditions faced when driving in the oil patch. Our reputation is built on performance, on and off road, making sure every customer is satisfied and has peace of mind knowing their vehicle won't break down.

Our Services


We can perform all regular maintenance and repairs on all makes and models such as oil changes, brakes, front end maintenance, etc. In addition, we can provide additional upgrades to your ride for on and off road applications as well as.

  • Amsoil Dealer
  • Cold Air Intake Kits and Filters
  • CP4 to CP3 Conversion Kits
  • Ez Lynk Installations
  • EFI Live & HP Tunes
  • Engine Replacement
  • EGR Delete Kits
  • FASS Fuel Systems
  • Head Gaskets and Studs Kits
  • Lift Kits
  • Manifolds and Up-Pipes
  • Replacement Turbos
  • Upgraded Transmissions (built to spec)
  • Transfer Cases
  • Performance Parts Sales

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Justin Lieverse, General Manager, Reed Energy

"One thing that has remained the same is the level of personal service."

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2nd Opinions

Do you have an issue that just won't go away? We offer up-to-date diagnostic services including trouble-shooting. We can also offer 2nd opinions on all repairs and can give you a comprehensive estimate and analysis. Call us for more information at 780-532-6472.

We now carry Ezlynk Tuners!

We provide Ez Lynk Tuners which can be used with GMC, Dodge and Ford diesel trucks that you can adjust thru your smart phone app. We now carry the on-the-fly switches for EzL ynk. Call us for more information at 780-532-6472.

Call us for your general service needs

Did you know that we can offer any type of general service on all makes and models? Call us for more information at 780-532-6472. 

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Contact Us

Better yet, see us in person!

We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours.

Google our address for directions. (South of the hamlet of Dimsdale near Pipestone Creek.)

No Limit Automotive & Performance Inc.

6 73022 Twp Rd 704, County Of Grande Prairie No. 1, Alberta, Canada

(780) 532-6472

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Our Services - More Details

Amsoil Dealer


AMSOIL synthetic motor oils are formulated using premium synthetic base oils, and the highest-quality additives, that provide extended-drain capabilities. AMSOIL oils achieve greater cleaning powers, while providing better equipment protection over longer oil drain intervals. Their characteristic resistance to high-temperature volatility (burn-off) helps reduce oil consumption, while maintaining viscosity over longer periods of time than other oils. Call us at 780-532-6472 or email

Cold Air Intakes


S&B Performance intake kits are engineered to maximize the amount of airflow to your engine. All S&B Air Intakes feature a premium, 8-layer cotton gauze S&B air filter. 

All S&B Air Intakes are equipped with a custom air box that keeps unwanted engine air & loose dirt out of your system.

S&B Air Intake features a specially made "crosslink" intake tube that minimizes restrictions. 

Fully washable & reusable filter.

Call us at 780-532-6472 or email

CP4 to CP3 Conversion


In 2011, GM/Chevy launched the LML Duramax series. One of the biggest changes was the injection pump from a CP3 to CP4 High Pressure Pump. The CP4 is designed to accommodate for higher Fuel Rail Pressures to operate ninth injector for emissions. If the CP4 pump fails, it contaminates the entire fuel system with metal debris and may cause contamination which requires replacement of all 8 Fuel Injectors,  Fuel Pump, Fuel Rails, #2 Fuel Pressure Regulator, and lines. We install the proven CP3 High Pressure Injection Pump in the valley with a conversion kit produced by Wehrli. If your CP4 pump fails, call us at 780-532-6472 or email

EFI Live Tuning


To put it simply; EFI-Live is a laptop based tuning program for GM/Dodge Gas & Diesel. With EFI-Live you can achieve increased MPG, better torque and horse power curves for towing, and greatly improve the overall drivability of your truck. EFI-Live is the best bang for your buck. It doesn't matter if your truck is completely stock or modified, we can build any tune that will make the truck run and perform the way you want it to. We also offer transmission tunes for towing. Customized tunes can be pre-loaded onto an Autocal and can be shipped anywhere.  Call us at 780-532-6472 or email

Engine Replacement


We offer new and re-built engine replacements. Call 780-532-6472 to discuss what option would be best for you, or email

EGR Delete Kits


We offer premium aftermarket kits to reduce your vehicle's exhaust emissions. EGR systems have been known to cause stuck valves, coolant problems including leaky cylinders. Our kits allow your vehicle's engine to run at cooler temperatures, improving performance and running cleaner and longer.

Call 780-532-6472 or email

FASS Fuel Systems


FASS promotes a system of combination fuel lift pump and fuel filters improving your fuel mileage, engine performance and can extend the life expectancy of your diesel system to approx. 15,000-17,000 hours. The two step filtration process removes most dirt, water and air via  pressure delivery vs. suction delivery and providing more consistent flow while increasing horse power and improving fuel mileage and reducing carbon monoxide and dioxide emmissions. We also carry the replacement filters.   Call 780-532-6472 or email

Head Studs Kits and Head Gasket Kits


We carry the ARP brand of Head Stud Kits that have been designed stronger than ever to handle the extreme loads. Their durability and strength stand the test of time. They can also increase your towing performance.  We also carry Mahle Head Gasket Kits. You can be certain you're getting the same sealing power that your vehicle had when it was new. Call us for more information at 780-532-6472 or email

Lift Kits


We offer aftermarket lift kits for the trucker who is looking for off-road performance or looking to run larger tires, give your truck a more aggressive look, or achieve outstanding performance on the trails in oil country. Call us for more details at 780-532-6472 or email

Manifolds and Up Pipes


If you're looking to increase your engine's exhaust efficiency, our kits are designed to maximize power and flow characteristics. The entire Manifold and Up-Pipe exhaust system is designed to lower exhaust gas temperatures (EGTs) and accelerate turbo spool-up while increasing power, fuel economy and maintaining reliability.

Call us for more details at 780-532-6472 or email



Whether it's  repair, replacement or upgrading, we can help you with all your turbocharger related needs.

  • Stock replacement
  • Upgraded Internals
  • High Performance After-Market Turbos

Call us for more details at 780-532-6472 or email

Transmissions & Transfer Cases


We can re-build your 5 or 6 spd Transmission T-Case to stock or upgrade no matter how extensive the job's parts needs are. If an upgrade for towing is what you're looking for, call us for more information at 780-532-6472 or email


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